Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Climate Change- is there any solution?

Today, i posted few suggestions to tackle with Climate Change on Facebook discussion board of British Embassy, Guatemala City: 1. Artificial technologies will provide the temporary solution to decarbonise the environment and global warming. So this should be the primary duty of the world community to give preference to the afforestation and take necessary action to save the 'tropical rain forests' [world's most productive and carbon dioxide sinking zone]. Without forests, human survival is not possible; 2. The peoples participation movements can play very important role in decarbonising the environment and in lowering carbon footprinting. One such type of peoples participation movement is 'RED TAPE MOVEMENT' launched by me in Etawah [U.P., India], to make aware the people about the environment and to give the message that to cut the plants is harmful to the nature and biodiversity survival, by tying red tape on the trunks of existing trees. Such types of movements can change the current society into environment friendly society; 3. Just by changing our lifestyle we can bring a major change in decarbonising the world and can save billions of dollors which in turn can be utilised in R & D for climate technologies. So here is my suggestion that the "ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE" should be given the status of "compulsory fundamental duty" for every citizen. This minor change can bring a good change in decarbonising the environment; 4. The current problem of GLOBAL WARMING is the result of our past discovery of 'STEAM POWER' and 'FOSSIL FUELS' which resulted in to the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. At that time, the policy makers, scientists and engineers did not judge the fate and impact of that industrial revolution. Now, the current generation of flora and fauna are facing the survival problem due to harmful impact of GHGs. So it will be better to establish a 'WORLD COMMISSION FOR SCIENCE and DEVELOPMENT' to monitor and promote such discoveries which are environment friendly and have no harmful by-products. Our development should be scientifically approved and with environment friendly technologies; 5. One model has been developed by me is 'GREEN VILLAGE' model. In this model, atleast one member from every residence of the selected village do the tree plantation of atleast one tree and take care of it. In this way every residence of the village participate in the conservation of ecosystem and environment. In the future this will change into a big 'carbon sinking zone' and will be helpful in protecting our beautiful Earth from the detrimental effects of 'GLOBAL WARMING'; 6. N.G.Os. can play very important role in creating awareness about GLOBAL WARMING. They are pivotal in planning and project implementation. They can initiate awareness about key issues like carbon footprinting, afforestation, forests and biodiversity conservation through peoples participation. So Friends, Save ECOLOGY and Save FUTURE; it is in your hands.
[NOTE: My views are protected at "Act on Copenhagen" blog by Mr David Miliband, Former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs U.K.]

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