Saturday, March 27, 2010


Earth Hour was a great success in Bhogaon municipality (Mainpuri) and Etawah municipality (Etawah). About 10000 houses switched-off in Bhogaon. Chairman, Bhogaon, Mrs. Uma Dixit and Youth Club NGO Head Dr. Manoj Dixit make this successful at Bhogaon, after taking useful instructions from me. I was inspired after reading the FCO Blog ( ) article on earth hour by Ambassador of U.K. in Guatemala Julie Chappel. Thanks madam for inspirational article and thanks to all who cooperated me.

Responsible Day

Today is a very responsible day i.e. EARTH HOUR. We should be environment friendly and our daily life should not pollute surrounding environment. Today every citizen must participate in EARTH HOUR and to switch-off the electricity between 8.30pm-9.30pm; this will be helpful to save planet from air pollution due to Thermal plants as well as make aware people about ecosystem and environment. One such attempt is going to be happen today in BHOGAON municipality of MAINPURI district of U.P.. So, you also participate in EARTH HOUR.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Use least paper, Save trees

Trees are sink of carbon di-oxide, the GHG, and source of oxygen, essential gas for life, on earth. Trees are very important natural gift before us to fight with CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING. But the current intervention of man with nature is destroying environment. Atleast 17-24 trees have to felled to produce one tonne of papers [ Hindustan Times dt. 13-03-2010 ]. After Copenhagen Summit, we should give attention on development of environment friendly and natural way of life; this is must for the survival of life on earth. There have been few new and environment friendly advanced technologies available but these have their own pros and cons; these are not the complete alternate of trees. So being a responsible human being, do afforestation and protect your environment and biodiversity.