Friday, October 15, 2010

Animals too have Equal Right to Clean Water

Humans and other living beings are EQUAL parts of Ecosystem; so why humans should have more rights than other living beings. In summer season, many birds and animals get die due to lack of drinking water. Humans are self-centered so most of the rights to use natural resources are with humans. This resulted into biodiversity depletion due to unplanned urbanization-cum-industrialization and population explosion. Rest of the living beings are struggling on for the survival. In villages and forests, we are not giving importance to fill the dry ponds, lakes and other wetlands with water; animals and birds get die due to thirst. Today is Blog Action Day 2010; we should also write for the equal right to clean water to other living beings too. These animals survival is vital for our survival; they are balancing the ecosystems on Earth. Let's take oath that every human will provide equal opportunity to animals to drink and use pure water and will not pollute water bodies.

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