Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who is responsible for the death of NAGESH, the Lion?

The death of a Lion NAGESH is shame for the humanity and environmentalists. Nagesh was not taking regular diet since 23rd September. Is this not the example of carelessness by the zoo administration? Who will return Nagesh to his partner Gauri? She is shocked. Is there any remedy for her? Everybody talk about human rights; why there are no enforcement of Animal Rights? Do animals have no rights to live equal to human facilities? Are zoo authorities are capable to provide complete protection to zoo animals or are just media to provide entertainment to humans through animals? Why there is no permanent and complete medical services in zoo? Questions are many but answers are LIMITED. Our zoos must provide complete safety to animals. Every animal has right to live equal to human. World community must frame the LIVING RIGHTS FOR WILD ANIMALS and BIRDS.

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