Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Tape Movement and 10:10:10

Respected friends, on 10/10/10, participate in "10:10:10 campaign" launched by 10:10 and, to urge governments, businesses, and individuals to cut their CO2 emissions 10% in 2010; on this special day we are going to participate in this with the help of local people and N.G.Os. of Etawah will tye red tapes on trees trunks through RED TAPE MOVEMENT and will give the message that to cut tree is dangerous for the survival of living beings on Earth; our ONE-MINUTE care of a tree will be helpful to save lives of many. We will also take oath that we will always promote afforestation and will live eco-friendly green life. The main theme of RED TAPE MOVEMENT will be, "SAVE TREES, SAVE BIODIVERSITY, SAVE FUTURE". So, kindly participate in this by tying RED-TAPE on a tree trunk and take oath to protect trees, ON Sunday 10, Oct, 2010 at your residential place at your own suitable day time. Thanks.

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