Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pseudo attack on Climate Change Truth.

Some climate scientists do not believe in GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE . But both these problems are TRUTH before us. IPCC chief Mr R.K. Pachauri faced some challenges due to printing mistakes. Mr. Jeffrey D Sachs noted Economist have said that arguments of scientists, who are opposing the climate science, have been repeatedly disproved for 30 years time after time but their aggressive methods of public propaganda succeed in causing delay and confusion and thus the message is clear: large-scale use of oil,coal,and gas is threatening the biology and chemistry of the planet.We are fuelling dangerous changes in Earths climate and ocean chemistry,giving rise to extreme storms,droughts,and other hazards that will damage the food supply and the quality of life on the planet. The IPCC and the climate scientists are telling us a crucial message and truth before us. So, we must THINK GREEN, ACT GREEN and MAKE THE FUTURE BRIGHT & GREEN.

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